Recommended: Stefanie Kunckler Ymonos – “Le Jour Avec les Yeux Fermés”


The presence of the accordion is such that it almost dictates a direction toward folk music.  The instrument’s voice is practically an assertion of intent.  But that’s not how the enchanting 2017 release from Stefanie Kunckler Ymonos plays out.  The double bassist infuses the music with a deep melodicism that speaks more of the modern European jazz form of expression, and the way it easily flows into chamber and other classical music forms.  There are times when the music of Le Jour Avec les Yeux Fermés sets down roots on the brink of transformation from jazz to other music, and just lets the tension simmer endlessly away.  With bass clarinet and piano adding soul and grace as balance, Kunckler’s Ymonos ensemble frees the accordion to add subtle harmonic textures and voicing that ranges far outside the simple role of adding personality via a folksy charm.  Instead, it’s just one voice in the mix, and it’s why every voice in the ensemble shines so brightly on this lovely album.

I’m still writing about 2017 releases, because I keep finding wonderful albums like this.

Your album personnel:  Stefanie Kunckler (double bass), Thomas Lüscher (piano), Philipp Hillebrand (bass clarinet), Raphael Ochsenbein (accordion), Marius Peyer (drums, percussion) and guest: Karin Meier (vocals).

Released on Unit Records.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Zürich, Switzerland.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon | eMusic