Best of 2017 #17: Brot & Sterne – “Tales of Herbst” (Traumton)


If we’re talking about Tales of Herbst, it’d be pretty silly to do anything other than start by talking about the Brot & Sterne rendition of the Miles Davis classic In a Silent Way.  They capture the work’s sublime tranquility while also instilling it with the locomotion that propels the peacefulness ahead.  That potent mix of serenity and animation is difficult to conjure up, but not only do the trio of Franz Hautzinger, Matthias Loibner and Peter Rosmanith rise to the challenge, but they do it with the instrumentation of trumpet, hurdy-gurdy and hang drum (plus a tasteful serving of electronics).  Melodies soar and, via the hang drum, the rhythmic effect is both conversational and hypnotic.  And it’s an effect that carries out from that Miles Davis cover to every piece on Tales of Herbst.  A seriously powerful album for music that’s as peaceful as the setting sun.

Music from Brest, France and Wien, Austria.

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