The Game of Thrones theme is the worst song ever… except this time


I detest the theme song to Game of Thrones.  If I don’t hit the mute button when that corny, melodramatic atrocity comes on, it ruins that nifty clockwork castle opening montage.  I mean, seriously, nobody likes the GoT theme, right?  As messed up as this world is, I can at least count on that.

Well, the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys make the theme not so bad.  Tolerable, even.

Here’s their 2014 performance of the GoT theme at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Times Square.

Your video personnel:  Wes “Quad” Anderson IV (sousaphone), Sam Friend (vocals, banjo), Joe Goldberg (clarinet, saxophone, piano), Josh “Jams” Marotta (percussion), Jon Ramm (trombone) and James Williams (vocals, trumpet).

You can buy their version of the song at Amazon.

*** And now your (video) watch has ended ***