The Round-up: And there you are, gone


Here is some very good new music.


Girls In Airports – Live (Edition Records)

This live 2017 recording could double as a deconstruction of what makes the Danish quintet Girls In Airports so damn compelling.  The opening third of the recording shows their talent at crafting incisive melodies that are as delightfully catchy as they are heartbreakingly pretty.  The album’s middle section highlights the quintet’s ability to employ those melodies to create a diffuse atmosphere, where the melody isn’t something to embrace as it is to breathe in and slowly exhale.  And then the album’s final section brings out the rhythmic devices used to either spur the melodies on or corral them in place.  And when it all comes together, those moments when every aspect of their music enter a single confluence, it’s the best thing ever.  I am completely addicted to the track “Kaikoura,” and I don’t think that addiction is going to wane any time soon.

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Lucas Gillan’s Many Blessings – Arroyo (JeruJazz Records)

This debut recording comes ten years after Lucas Gillan first formed the Many Blessings quartet.  And like a bourbon that is allowed time to soak in barrels and patiently come into its own, the music possesses a confident and full presence that bleeds from every note.  There’s no one moment to point out as the embodiment of the quartet’s thing, but their tantalizing method of warping and refracting a blues and the thrilling way it launches tunes into a separate orbit has a certain magnetism that keeps the ear locked in.

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Providence Research Ensemble – Music of J.P.A. Falzone (Infrequent Seams)

Such is the daydream nature of this music that it’s almost jarring when the album ends and silence fills up the room.  Strings and vibraphones and a tenor sax are the instruments used to shape this chamber session from the Providence Research Ensemble.  Actually, shape might be a poor choice of word, because this debut recording is marked by a melodic state in perpetual transition and a harmonic atmosphere thick as mist coming in off the ocean.  There’s very little apparent structure and an endless supply of beauty.  This album doesn’t really fall in this site’s wheelhouse, but every now and then I encounter an album so gorgeous there’s just no way I’m not gonna let you all know about it.

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Sam Sadigursky – Book 3: Ten Extended Clarinet Etudes (Self-Produced)

Sam Sadigursky has been quietly releasing a series of solo clarinet works.  The presentation of these short pieces, one after the other, is like flipping through a photo book… brief glimpses of a sonic vision before quickly moving on to the next.  The third installment is perfect for a peaceful weekend morning.  And priced at two bucks, a bargain.  Anyways, I just wanted to squeeze in a quick mention about these recordings, because Sadigursky is a site favorite, and it’s always good to keep abreast of what he’s up to.

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Adam Baldych & Helge Lien Trio – Brothers (ACT Music)

Time and again, violinist Adam Baldych shows an ability to conjure up some serious drama and exploit it for all it’s worth.  However, on this follow-up release with the Helge Lien Trio, the music resonates strongest when melodies are allowed to simmer and tempos scatter like a soft whisper.  This is an approach that suits saxophonist Tore Brunborg well, as he’s capable of a pretty huge sound, but is most effective when delivering it softly and with care.  Their 2015 collaboration Bridges got a strong recommendation on this site (go read it).

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