The Wrap-Up: Using a liberal definition of the phrase “Bird is the Worm News”


Some miscellaneous updates on Bird is the Worm of a music nature:


  • Trumpet man Dave Chisholm and Multi-media artist Matt Glass teamed up on some cool promo videos for Chisholm’s last release Calligraphy.  I talk about them on eMusic’s 17 Dots blog HERE.
  • For eMusic members, I point out that Esbjorn Svensson Trio‘s debut album When Everyone Has Gone (Dragon Records) popped up on the site.  Details found on my eMusic 17 Dots post HERE.
  • I added a new Page to Bird is the Worm, which will track the albums I think are the best of 2012 in Jazz.  You can read all about it HERE.
  • I added a Facebook “Like” button to my site.  You can access it from any page, on the right hand side of the screen.  While you’re perusing my site, go and hit that button for me.  It would be nice to amass some gargantuan numbers both in terms of Likes and Subscriptions (which you can find at the top of the right hand column on every screen.  Subscriptions are free, and you can set how often you get an email from my site.)
  • For news about recent events regarding the AllAboutJazz Download of the Day, you can read about it on my discussion thread on the AllAboutJazz forums HERE.
  • If you’ve been written up on Bird is the Worm, and you haven’t received a Download of the Day invitation from me, this is either because, one, I haven’t had time to do it yet, or, two, I did send it, but you had old contact info and haven’t looked in that account.  Either way, if you’ve received print on Bird is the Worm, please feel free to submit a track for feature date consideration HERE.  If I’ve written about you on this site, then I already think your music should get spotlighted, so the AAJ download of the day is just additional promotional punch for you.
  • If you’re an artist, I recommend confirming that your contact information is easy to find and current.  Every week that I send out various emails regarding a potential review of an album, invitations to be featured as the AAJ download of the day, various other content like interview request, etc. and, invariably, there’s always a couple artists who do not get invited because I couldn’t find any contact info for them or the contact info was for a dead email account.  Those are missed opportunities there, y’know?
  • You can find the newest featured free AAJ download of the day tracks HERE.
  • I’m going to occasionally re-mention that if you’re an artist with an album set to Name Your Own Price, whether it be on bandcamp or elsewhere, and you would like review consideration, read this Bird is the Worm article HERE and then follow the instruction to make a request in the Comments box below that article.  I have begun a new Bird is the Worm series that features reviews and tiny reviews of jazz albums set to NYOP.  Thus far, we’ve got about six different albums reviewed for this series, with more to come.
  • In Notes From The Holler news, I broke my site.  I’m hoping to fix it this weekend.  I think I know what I have to do, and hopefully it’ll work.  Which will be helpful, because suddenly there’s all types of shows in Kentucky I want to get the spotlight on.
  • Some music I’ve been listening to that didn’t get any print this week, but will in the upcoming weeks… Jack Davies, a Don Cherry re-issue, Jessica Williams, and various artists from the Chicago free jazz improv scene.


I think that about wraps things up.