These are videos that I like: Alex Puddu in a giallo flick and driving through snow with the Dominique Pifarely Quartet


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of two artists who have put out two of the better albums we’ve heard in 2016.

The first is from Alex Puddu, whose In the Eye of the Cat used classic giallo films as inspiration.  This video, using the song “Emerald,” embodies the theme of the album.  The music itself, actually, is quite a bit of fun.

You can read more about that album, and give it a listen, here on this site (LINK).

If you want to skip the write-up and just go buy the album right now, you can scoop it up on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Our other featured video provides two types of scenes:  There’s a drivers window view of some small town blanketed in snow, and is accompanied by music from the latest release by the Dominique Pifarély Quartet.  The other scene is of the band performing live.  Both types of scene are seriously enjoyable.

The music this album sources from is Pifarély’s 2016 release Tracé Provisoire, which you can read more about by checking out our latest ECM Records rundown (LINK).

And if you want to go buy this album right now, you can scoop it up at  Amazon.