These are videos that I like: Amit Friedman Sextet – “Sunrise”


Today’s featured video is a track from the album that came in #2 on the Bird is the Worm Best of 2012 list.

“Sunrise” is the final track on the Amit Friedman Sextet recording of the same name.  It features the vocals of Tamar Eisenman.  The song itself, while being the only vocals track on the album, captures much of the euphoric buoyancy reflected throughout the album, and this song’s casual gait and pop-music flair ends the album on a warm note, a perfect resting place after an album packed with emotion.  I’m just kind of addicted to this song, so I thought I’d share it.

Your video personnel: Amit Friedman (soprano sax), Amos Hoffman (oud), Omri Mor (piano), Gilad Abro (bass), Amir Bresler (drums), Rony Iwryn (percussion), and Tamar Eisenman (vocals).

There’s a write-up of Sunrise (go read it).

Have a great Sunday!