These are videos that I like: Anat Cohen Quartet – “Washington Square Park”


Anat Cohen - "Luminosa"Today’s featured video is from the Anat Cohen Quartet performing the song “Washington Square Park.”  It’s part of the Jazzed Out video series, which we’ve featured twice before.  The general theme appears to be filming the musicians performing out in public, typically at an unconventional spot.  It makes for a cool viewing & listening experience.  This video may (or may not) have been shot in a shopping mall in Paris.

In any event, Anat Cohen has a new album out.  It’s called Luminosa, and it features the same quartet performing in this video.  I’ll be posting a stand-alone recommendation of the album in the coming weeks, but for now, feel free to check out its inclusion in the most recent This Is Jazz Today column.

Here’s where you can listen to & purchase Luminosa (LINK).

And here’s that video…

Your videos personnel:  Anat Cohen (clarinet), Jason Lindner (keyboard), Joe Martin (bass) and Daniel Freedman (drums).

Video directed & edited by Yvan Schreck.

Sound by Dominique Ciekala.

Produced by KIDAM.

I hope your weekend is wrapping up nicely.