These are videos that I like: Andrew Downing, stage and film


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of cellist Andrew Downing, whose Otterville was yesterday’s daily recommendation.  It’s a lovely folk-jazz recording that will go along nicely with whatever personal tranquility you’ve built into your day.

Go read about it (LINK).

The first video is from a September 2015 performance at Waterloo Ontario’s Jazz Room.  The song, which also appears on Otterville, is titled “Observatory.”

Your video personnel:  Andrew Downing (cello), Tara Davidson (alto sax), Michael Davidson (vibraphone), Paul Mathew (bass guitar) and Nick Fraser (drums).

FYI, there’s another video on YouTube from the same performance (LINK).

And here’s a clip of his work with his Melodeon project, in which Downing’s ensemble plays live music accompaniment to old silent films.  This one is set to the film Impossible Voyage.