These are videos that I like: Anne Quillier, in studio, in Briançon, over the bridge


Today’s daily videos feature the music of pianist Anne Quillier, whose new album Dusty Shelters was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it), as well as a January rec on my Best of Bandcamp Jazz column.

Here’s an in-studio performance of the song “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,” a composition from her new album.

Your video personnel:  Anne Quillier (piano), Pierre Horckmans (clarinet), Aurélien Joly (trumpet), Grégory Sallet (alto sax), Michel Molines (double bass), Guillaume Bertrand (drums), Alice Maséra, Thomas Stioui, Bruno Belleudy (video), Thomas Stioui (sound) and Guillaume Bertrand (production).

Next up is a live performance at the Foyer Bar in Briançon as part of the 2016 Altitude Jazz Festival.  I believe the composition is “Man In the Street.”

The musicians for this performance are the same as those on the previous.

And our final video is the song “Take Your Time,” from the trio Ägg.  The song is accompanied by video of a car traveling over a bridge, which, as you well know, is an automatic selection for this site’s video series.

Your video personnel:  Anne Quillier (moog, piano, voice), Aëla Gourvennec (cello) and Fanny Rivollier (flute, voice).

And if you want to listen, and purchase, Quillier’s new album, you can do both on her Bandcamp page.