These are videos that I like: Bill Frisell & the 858 Quartet


858 Quartet

Okay, today’s featured video serves two purposes.  One, it allows me to feature a beautiful song from one of my favorite artists, and, two, I can test to be sure that my site is fully operational again.

If you’re reading this post and seeing the video below, then “part two” of this post’s mission was (thank god) successful.

As far at the music itself, this video is a performance from guitarist Bill Frisell and his 858 Quartet (Eyvind Kang on viola, Jenny Scheinmann on violin and Hank Roberts on cello).  The song, “I Am Not A Farmer” originates from Frisell’s excellent 2009 rcording, Disfarmer.


If you have any problems reading this post or watching the video or anything looks strange, please let me know, either via the comments on this post or Facebook or email.

Otherwise, have a great weekend!