These are videos that I like: Brandee Younger, Mammal Hands, Anne Drummon and Nilson Matta at Sofar Sounds


Today’s featured videos all source from a series of shows put on by Sofar Sounds in New York City and London.

The first video is an October 2015 performance by harpist Brandee Younger of the Alice Coltrane devotional “Rama Rama” at Sofar New York.

You should also check out Younger’s latest album Wax & Wane (go read & listen to it).

Next up is a July 2016 show with Mammal Hands performing their song “Hillium” at Sofar London.

You should also check out the trio’s latest album Floa (go read & listen to it).

And our third and final video today brings back to Sofar New York for a March 2016 performance of the song “Paraty” by Anne Drummond & Nilson Matta.