These are videos that I like: Daniel Herskedal – “The Mistral Noir”


Daniel Herskedal - "Slow Eastbound Train"Today’s featured video is from tubist Daniel Herskedal, performing the song “Mistral Noir” from his new album Slow Eastbound Train.  The album has, at its core, a trio of tuba, piano and percussion, and is aided by a chamber string orchestra.  It’s a beautiful recording, bringing together jazz, classical and folk.

Expect to read more about this album in this week’s This Is Jazz Today column, plus a separate write-up at a later date.

For now, enjoy the album’s opening track…


And if you’re already hooked on this music, you can go right now to the artist’s Bandcamp page (LINK) and purchase the album immediately.

I hope your week is wrapping up nicely.

Tomorrow, you’ll have the new edition of This Is Jazz Today.