These are videos that I like: Diego Barber – “Piru”


Today’s featured video is from guitarist Diego Barber, performing the song “Piru” live.  Aside from being one of my favorite Barber compositions, what I most enjoy about this particular rendition is how energized it is compared to the studio version (appearing on his debut Calima), which was a bit more languorous.  But this version comes crashing out of the gates right from the first note, and it really brings aspects of the composition to life that weren’t as emergent as the studio version.

Of additional interest is that the musicians accompanying him on this song are comprised, instead, by musicians from his sophomore release The Choice… an album that definitely had more of an edge than Calima.  That change is clearly evident on this performance, and it’s great hearing another side to this comp.

Your video personnel:  Diego Barber (guitar), Seamus Blake (sax), Ari Hoenig (drums) and Johannes Weindenmueller (bass).

And in case you didn’t stop by yesterday, go on and check out the Diego Barber artist overview that just went up on the site about 24 hours ago… (LINK).

P.S.  Sorry about the tiny size of the video.  WordPress just updated a bunch of stuff and I’m not yet sure how to re-size videos.