These are videos that I like: Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet on the Malmo scene


Today’s videos feature the music of the Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet.  Their new album Mirrors was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

First up is an in-studio performance of the album’s opening track “Theme.”

Your video personnel:  Fanny Gunnarsson (piano), Karolina Almgren (soprano sax), Kristian Rimshult (double bass) and Hannes Olbers (drums).

And here’s a live performance of the Björk tune “Aeroplane” from a February 2017 show at Victoriateatern Malmö.

And we’ll wrap up with a performance of the song “To Know You” on the show Tiny Malme Sessions.  As best as I can tell, the show is the video of Mikel Morueta Holme and audio Jonas Jönsson collaborating to get the spotlight on artists on the Malmö, Sweden scene.  Pretty cool.