These are videos that I like: Gilad Hekselman – “Last Train Home”


Gilad Hekselman "Last Train Home"Today’s featured video is way cool for two reasons:  One, it’s a nifty performance by Gilad Hekselman of Pat Metheny’s “Last Train Home,” a song that is included on Hekselman’s latest release, Homes.  If you haven’t checked out the recommendation of that recording yet, then, by all means, follow THIS LINK to the write-up.

The other reason I’m enamored with this video is that it’s shot with a 360° panoramic effect.  So, when the band makes its way to the rooftop to continue the performance, you can use the interactive feature in the top left corner of the screen and have the view swivel around and see the city landscape and horizon of his Crown Heights, Brooklyn neighborhood.  I can’t figure out why it isn’t already a law that all music videos use this feature, but whatever the reason, it’s an egregious oversight.  Someone needs to rectify this situation, probably at the cabinet level.  The Secretary of Music Videos has dropped the ball on this one.

But enough of my daily stand-up routine.  Let’s get you to that video.

Your video personnel:  Gilad Hekselman (guitar), Sam Anning (guitar, bass), Rogerio Boccato (percussion) and Kush Abadey (drums).  And special recognition to the videographer Simon Yu.


Have a great lazy Sunday.

I’ll be posting another music recommendation later today.