These are videos that I like: Harald Lassen at the museum and PHD in studio


Let’s get right to today’s featured videos…

The first video is a solo saxophone performance from Harald Lassen, in Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum at Slemdal.  Lassen’s latest recording, Rainbow Session, has him performing with a quartet, and was one of the recommendations in the latest This Is Jazz Today column (LINK).

Your video personnel:  Harald Lassen (tenor sax).

You should check out the actual YouTube page this video resides on.  It provides some cool background on the venue.

And if you want to buy his latest album, Rainbow Session, you can scoop it up at Bandcamp.

And our second video is from the quintet PHD, whose self-titled recording will be featured later today.

Your video personnel: Peter Delannoye (trombone), Peter Hertmans (guitar), Thomas Decock (guitar), Pol Belardi (bass, moog) and Matthias De Waele (drums).

And if you don’t feel like waiting for the write-up and just want to buy the album right now, you can scoop it up at the artist’s Bandcamp page.