These are videos that I like: Hugo Carvalhais – “Logos”


Hugo Carvalhais - "Grand Valis"Today’s featured video is a mini-experimental film set to the album track “Logos” from the latest release by Hugo Carvalhais, Grand Valis.  The video is pretty weird.  Hell, it even out-weirds the music itself, which is a pretty strange brew in its own right.

So, obviously, I’m totally gonna feature it.

Grand Valis was one of this week’s This Is Jazz Today recommendations.  Go learn more about the album, and others, from the newest batch of jazz releases, here on this site (LINK).

Now, about that video…

Your video personnel:  Hugo Carvalhais (double bass), Dominique Pifarély (violin), Gabriel Pinto (organ) and Jeremiah Cymerman (electronics & effects).


The video was put together by Bill Domonkos.  Go ahead and check out his other videos on the Vimeo site (LINK) and his personal website, which is full of good stuff (LINK).

Have a great lazy Sunday!