These are videos that I like: Inventions & Dimensions and Christophe Dal Sasso


Today’s videos feature an artist who has recently made an appearance in a This Is Jazz Today column and another who will be shortly.

First up is Christophe Dal Sasso and a trailer from his new album Les Nébuleuses.

You can read more about the album here (LINK).

Your album personnel:  Christophe Dal Sasso (flute), David El-Malek (tenor & soprano saxophones), Pierre de Bethmann (piano, Fender Rhodes), Manuel Marches (bass), Lukmil Perez (drums), Youri Bessières (violin), Martin Rodriguez (viola) and Jean-Philippe Feiss (cello).

And if you want to skip the write-up and just immediately go buy the album, you can scoop it up at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

And the trio Inventions and Dimensions, and their new EP Wabi Sabi, will be receiving some This Is Jazz Today attention in the very near future.

Here’s a live 2016 performance at Jazz Central, on their home turf of Minneapolis, MN.

Your video personnel:  Joe Strachan (piano), Chris Bates (bass) and Matthew Buckner (drums).

And if you don’t feel like waiting for the write-up and just want to buy the album right now, you can scoop it up at the artist’s Bandcamp page.