These are videos that I like: Jasper Hoiby collapsing his bass


I first came across today’s featured video back around the time I interviewed bassist Jasper Høiby for the Bandcamp Daily.  He has a travel bass built by luthier Jean Auray that the artist is able to disassemble quickly and take from tour stop to tour stop.  I always thought it was pretty cool to see in action, and meant to feature the video a while back when the interview first went up.

But here it is now…

There’s some good comments from Høiby about the bass, which you can check out on the YouTube page (LINK).

The music accompanying the above video is the song “Nine Lives” from the 2014 release Life To Everything, by the trio Phronesis, which includes Høiby, drummer Anton Eger and pianist Ivo Neame.

They have a new album on in 2016 called Parallax.  In addition, Høiby has a solo project out in 2016, too, called Fellow Creatures.  He talks about both of these projects in that interview, which you read on the Bandcamp Daily (LINK).

Here’s a trailer from that solo album…