These are videos that I like: João Paulo Rosado Sinopse and Roque in Portugal


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of João Paulo Rosado and the quartet Roque.

We’ll be featuring the new album from João Paulo Rosado Sinopse later today.  For now, enjoy this live performance of the song “Sete Quintas” from a show at Porta-Jazz.

Your album personnel:  João Paulo Rosado (double & electric basses), João Guimarães (saxophones), António Pedro Neves (guitar), Hugo Raro (piano) and António Torres Pinto (drums).

And if you’ve decided you want to check out this album right now, you can give it a listen and purchase it on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

And our second video is from the quartet Roque, whose enjoyable self-titled debut was yesterday’s daily recommendation.  This is a 2016 show at Casa da Cultura de Setúbal.  The song is “Lou Reed.”

You can read that write-up by following the LINK.

Your album personnel:  João Roque (electric guitar), João Capinha (bass clarinet), Xico Santos (double bass) and Joel Silva (drums).

And if you’ve heard enough and want to buy the album right now, you can scoop it up at Bandcamp or Amazon.