These are videos that I like: Joel Harrison at the Bach Society


Joel Harrison - "Spirit House"Today’s featured video is from guitarist Joel Harrison, performing the song “Sacred Love” at the Bach Society in Half Moon Bay, CA.  It’s a song off his new release Spirit House, which was one of the recommendations in this week’s This Is Jazz Today column (LINK).

I go back and forth on this recording a bit, to be honest, but, admittedly, I have pretty high expectations of Harrison, who has shown a potential for an epic career-defining album with each new project.  That’s the context with which I approach a new Harrison recording.

That bit of unfairness aside, every live performance video I’ve seen of his has consistently blown me away.  It’s a reason I’m happy to find any excuse to feature one of those videos.

Speaking of which, here it is…

Your video personnel:  Joel Harrison (guitar), Paul Hanson (bassoon), Brian Blade (drums), Kermit Driscoll (bass) and Cuong Vu (trumpet).


I hope your week is proceeding along nicely.