These are videos that I like: John Chin, from Space, Snow, Smalls


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of pianist John Chin, whose new album Fifth was included in the most recent This Is Jazz Today recommendations column.

You can read about his album, and a handful of other nifty new releases, right here (LINK).

Now, about those videos…

The first video is the solo piece “Trajectory,” which is an album track on Fifth.

Your video personnel:  John Chin (Fender Rhodes) and Joe Wilson (film).

And here’s a brief time lapse video that Chin put together from his window during NYC’s first snowfall in 2016.  He plays Fats Waller’s “Honeysuckle Rose.”

And here’s a video of Chin and his quintet performing live at the NYC venue Smalls Jazz Club.  It’s the same personnel as on his new album.  And the venue, Smalls, has a neat subscription service that allows you to stream live shows from the comfort of your own home.  They’ve got a free membership option that only costs you an email to see the current live performance, and then some like the $10/month that gives you access to tons of archived shows.  Great musicians pass through there, so it’s something you should seriously consider doing.  Learn more (LINK).

Your video personnel:  John Chin (piano, keyboards), Stacy Dillard (soprano sax), Lawrence Leathers (drums), Spencer Murphy (bass), Tivon Pennicott (tenor sax) and Una Stade, Steve Brickman (cameras, editing).

And if you’ve heard enough that you just want to skip my write-up and go buy Chin’s new album Fifth right now, you can scoop it up at the artist’s Bandcamp page.