These are videos that I like: Julia Kent live at [F]luister


Julia Kent - "Green and Grey"It’s a gloomy morning.  Well, it is around here.  It’s a good time to here some cello work and make the gloominess go away.  And, hey, if you’ve got nothing but sunlight where you’re at, it’s not like this will hurt your ambiance.  There’s never a bad time for cello.

Today’s featured video is from cellist Julia Kent.  I recommended her music on this site previously (LINK).  I just stumbled upon this solo performance at [F]luister in Pictura Dordrecht (NL) in which she plays several familiar songs from her studio recordings.


The paintings that appear in the background are from Laurien Dumbar and Axel Reusch.

Video by Renier Mouthaan for Ovideo.

Have a great start to your weekend!