These are videos that I like: Llop, cat, coast, church


Today’s featured videos keep the spotlight trained on the quartet Llop.  Their new album J, Imp was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

This first video is a brief promo of that album.  And, yes, it’s a cat video, which earns huge bonus points from this site.  The music clip is from the song “Seagal.”

Your video personnel:  Erik Bogaerts (saxophone), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar), Brice Soniano (double bass), Jens Bouttery (drums, voice & electronics).

And here’s another brief promo video.  This one plays a clip of the album track “Älskling” along to footage of a gorgeous sunset.  Can’t go wrong with a video like this.

And to wrap things up, here’s a live performance of the title track “J, Imp.”  It appears it may be filmed at an old church in Harlösa, Sweden, where some of the new album was recorded.

You can check out more videos like this, from this project and other music endeavors by these musicians, on Erik Bogaerts Vimeo page.

And you can go listen to the album J, Imp, and purchase it, at the El Negocito Records Bandcamp page.