These are videos that I like: Mario Rom’s Interzone – “Everything is Permitted”


Mario Rom's Interzone - "Everything Is Permitted"Today’s featured video is the first of four in a film-esque series from Mario Rom’s Interzone.  These music videos were shot in Mexico City, Texas, Louisiana and Austria and gives the impression of a plot that’s set to the trio’s music.  In total, the four videos run approximately thirty minutes in duration.  Like ’em or not, you gotta appreciate the spirit… these vids look like they took some serious effort.  Bonus, obviously, is that you get to hear their excellent music while watching.

Speaking of Mario Rom’s Interzone, their newest album Everything is Permitted, received the #24 slot on this site’s Best of 2015 list.  Read more about that album here (LINK).

Here’s that video:  Part I

And here’s links to the rest of the videos:

Part II

Part III

Part IV