These are videos that I like: Matt Otto, at Grunauer, at Take Five


Today’s videos feature the music of saxophonist Matt Otto.  Otto’s new (and older) releases Ibérica and Reunion were yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

The first video is a live July 2015 performance with Ensemble Ibérica at Grunauer, in Kansas City.  The song is “Viewed In,” which can be found on their new recording.

Your video personnel:  Matt Otto (tenor sax) and Ensemble Ibérica: Beau Bledsoe (guitar), Jordan Shipley (guitar), Michael McClintock (guitar), Brad Cox (keyboard) and Karl McComas-Reichl (bass).

And here’s another video from that same performance, this time of the composition “St. Paul.”

It’s the same personnel as the video above, except that Michael McClintock switches over to Cuban tres.

And our final video is from an August 2014 performance at the Take 5 Coffee Bar in Overland, Kansas.

It features saxophonist Andy Ehling, whose collaboration with Otto resulted in the new release Reunion.  The song performed is “Eleven Thirty,” which also makes an appearance on the recording.

Your video personnel:  Matt Otto (tenor sax), Andy Ehling (alto sax), TJ Martley (keyboard), Marty Morrison (drums) and Ben Leifer (bass).

And if you want to skip the write-up and just go check his music out, you can listen to, and purchase, many of Otto’s recordings on his Bandcamp page.