These are videos that I like: Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – “Into Forever”


Matthew Halsall - "Into Forever"Today’s featured video is a promo for the new album by trumpeter Matthew Halsall, Into Forever… one of this week’s This Is Jazz Today recommendations.

The title track features the vocals of Josephine Oniyama.  Enjoyable song, and, hey, I’m a sucker for the video’s pretty lights.  There’s something very simple about this video’s production, and gives the impression of some real thoughtfulness invested in it.  Tasteful and fun.

This song doesn’t include the entire Gondwana Orchestra (a variety of strings and percussion sit this track out), but this is anything but an oddball track.  What you hear in this video is what you’re gonna get on the whole album.  Be sure to check it out.

Your video personnel:  Matthew Halsall (trumpet), Josephine Oniyama (voice), Lisa Mallett (flute), Rachael Gladwin (harp), Keiko Kitamura (koto), Taz Modi (piano), Gavin Barras (bass), Luke Flowers (drums) and Sam Bell (percussion).


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