Moskus – “Moskus”


Today’s video is from the debut album of the Moskus Trio, titled Salmesykkel.  The song is also called “Moskus.”  The album was released on the Hubro Music label.

It’s directed by Apparatet.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page, and here’s a link to their Vimeo page (for those unfamiliar with Vimeo, it’s a video site very much like Youtube, and it’s completely safe, so feel free to browse).

I originally made Salmesykkel my Find of the Week for eMusic many months ago.  The album always kind of stuck with me, and I recently made the decision to give it a full review on Bird is the Worm, likely sometime in the next week.

It’s a moody Scandinavian Jazz sound, but it’s colored with the lively soulfulness of Keith Jarrett’s American Quartet’s Impulse Records albums from back in the 70s.

Video personnel:  Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (acoustic bass), Anja Lauvdal (piano), and Hans Hulbækmo (drums).




And tune in tomorrow.  It’s a big day for Bird is the Worm, and I’ve got a long post to explain.