These are videos that I like: Omikron Project at Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery and Empros Theater


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of the Omikron Project.  Their new album Solstice was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

The first video is from a 2014 performance at the Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery.  I love all the artwork on the walls.  Some of my favorite venues are shows that take place in museums and art galleries.

Your video personnel: Nikolas Tsilogiannis (drums, percussion), Alex Drossos (soprano sax, didgeridoo, beckophone, electronics), Henk Spies (soprano sax, electronics) and Dinos Zoumperis (bass).  Video by Tolis Mastrokalos.

And this is just video of eight filmed of the show.  Check out the rest on the artist’s YouTube page.

And our second video is from a 2016 performance at the Empros Theater on their home turf in Athens.

And if you want to skip my write-up and just go listen to their album, and purchase it, you can find it on the ensemble’s Bandcamp page.