These are videos that I like: Per Oddvar Johansen – “Let’s Dance”


Per Oddvar Johansen - "Let's Dance"Today we’re featuring two short video promos for the new Per Oddvar Johansen album, Let’s Dance.

I’m very sympathetic to musicians, labels and reps when it comes to promoting their music.  It’s not an easy thing, the business of art, and finding the right formula for a particular project is gonna have to take any number of variables into consideration.

But here’s two successful ones right here created by the label, Edition Records.  Both are short and to the point.  Put to an album track, images of the album cover and just a little bit of information about the musicians and release information flash across the screen, and it’s accompanied by, in one video, footage from a train passing by a snowy picturesque countryside that weds perfectly with the album’s serene music.  The other has the same kind of set-up, but the music (a different album song than the first) is matched with studio footage from the recording session.  Again, simple… and that’s all that’s needed.  It’s definitely not the only way to handle a promo video, but this particular approach is pretty damn effective.

Now, about those videos…

Your video personnel:  Per Oddvar Johansen (drums, violins, vibraphone, guitars, wood percussion, electronics), Helge Lien (piano) and Torben Snekkestad (saxophones, reed trumpet).


Per Oddvar Johansen - "Let's Dance"And be sure to check out the write-up of the actual recording.  It’s a gorgeous album, and one that I find particularly suited to the early morning hours when the city still sleeps and the sun is only just barely thinking about climbing out of bed.

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