These are videos that I like: Portico Quartet


Earlier today, we announced the upcoming new release from Portico Quartet, Art In the Age Of Automation (hit up that preview).  It’s something to be pretty excited about.  We certainly are.  Every now and again, we encounter a jazz album that incorporates hang drum, and considering how massively hypnotic and beautiful this instrument’s sound is, it’s surprising it doesn’t show up more often.

In any event, this’ll give you a sense of what’s to come.

First up is the official promo video for the new album, featuring the song “Endless.”

Video created and directed by Duncan Bellamy (the drummer) for Veil Projects.

And here’s an in-studio performance of the song “Line,” which appears on their 2009 release Isla.

The video was filmed during the recording session at Studio 2 at Abbey Lane.

And here’s a live performance of the song “Knee Deep In the North Sea” at the 2011 Cully Jazz Festival.

You can learn more about their new album, and pre-order it, on the Gondwana Records Bandcamp page.