Ratchet Orchestra – “Safety”

I recently had Ratchet Orchestra as one of my eMusic Jazz Picks via their new release Hemlock. They have a bunch of in-studio videos online, so I’ve been sharing them in different spots. This particular one is for the song “Safety.” I think it’s quite beautiful.

A review (in some format) will be coming to Bird is the Worm in the near future.

This videos was shot at Hotel2Tango on May 18, 2011.


Your video personnel:  Craig Dionne (flute), Jean Derome (bass flute), Lori Freedman (clarinet), Gordon Krieger (bass clarinet), Christopher Cauley (soprano sax), Louisa Sage (alto sax), Damian Nisenson (tenor sax), Jason Sharp (bass sax), Ellwood Epps, Philippe Battikha (trumpets), Tom Walsh, Scott Thomson (trombones), Jacques Gravel (bass trombone), Thea Pratt (Eb horn), Eric Lewis (Euphonium),  Noah Countability, Gabriel Rivest (tubas), Joshua Zubot, Guido Del Fabbro, Brigitte Dajczer (violins), Jean René, Gen Heistek (violas), Norsola Johnson (cello), Nicolas Caloia (bass), Chris Burns (guitar), Guillaume Dostaler (piano), Ken Doolittle (percussion), Michel Bonneau (conga), Isaiah Ceccarelli, John Heward (drums).

Enjoy, and have a great Sunday.