These are videos that I like: Rogier Telderman live at Bimhuis


Rogier Telderman - "Contours"Today’s featured video is from the Rogier Telderman Trio, performing the song “Strange Place” live at Amsterdam’s Bimhuis.  The song can be found on his recent studio album Contours.

You can read more about that album here -> LINK.

I’m pretty sure if I ever get to the Bimhuis to catch some shows, they’ll never get me to leave.  I love how that view just looks out over the city.

About that video…

It’s produced by VPRO Vrije Geluiden, whose wonderful videos I’ve featured many times on this site.  It’s well worth subscribing to their YouTube page.

Your video personnel:  Rogier Telderman (piano), Guus Bakker (double bass) and Tuur Moens (drums, percussion).