These are videos that I like: Skadedyr and Natsuko Sugao Group


Today’s videos feature bands who earned a slot on this site’s Best of 2016 list.

First up is Skadedyr performing the song “Datavirus” from their 2016 album Culturen.  The Oslo-based ensemble has their own unique sound.  Sometimes it’s whimsical and quirky, and other times it’s melodically intense and contemplative.  It mixes all kinds of influences in a kaleidoscopic display  of sound.

Read more about their album Culturen (LINK).

This video is from a 2016 performance at Norway’s Bergen Jazzforum.

And the next video is from the Natsuko Sugao Group.

The trumpeter’s 2016 release La Danza de una Luz was one of the best things to come out in 2016, and this performance at Granada, Spain’s Club Magic gives a pretty good idea why.

Read more about their album La Danza de una Luz (LINK).

Random observation:  The stained glass lamp in the header image on Club Magic’s Facebook page looks like the image on Sugao’s album cover.

I hope your new year is off to a great start.