These are videos that I like: Vincent Courtois


Vincent Courtois - "West"Today’s featured videos come courtesy of cellist Vincent Courtois.  They are both short clips that he created to promote his new album, West.  You’ll be reading more about West in tomorrow’s This Is Jazz Today recommendations column.

The music is gorgeous, and to accompany it, one video features a scene shot from the bow of a ship in stormy weather.  The other video is shot from a moving train.

Regular readers know all too well by now… if a video has trains in it, it’s getting featured on this site asap.  Sorry, folks, that’s a boyhood fascination I’ve never grown out of, and likely never will.

Here’s those videos…



We’ve got just one more day and it’s the weekend!

(My sincere regards to all the musicians and service industry workers from whom this signals the heart of the work week.  I hope you all make lots of money and have nothing but friendly customers/audience members.)