These promo videos by l’Oumigmag are seriously pretty


Today’s featured videos come courtesy of the quintet l’Oumigmag, whose debut album Territoires was yesterday’s daily recommendation (go read it).

They released four very beautiful promo videos for the recording.  We’ve got three of them here for you.

Your album personnel:  Stéphane Diamantakiou (double bass), Alex Dodier (tenor & soprano saxophones), Philippe Lussier-Baillargeon (drums, percussion) and Sébastien Sauvageau (guitar).

This first video is adapted from the song “Nord.”

Here’s another short video, this time for the song “Ouest.”

And here’s one for the album track “Sud.”

And, in case you haven’t gotten enough of these beautiful videos, there’s a fourth one posted along with the write-up of their debut Territories (go check it out).

And, a reminder, if you prefer to skip the write-up, you can listen to their album, and purchase it, on the group’s Bandcamp page.