This Bobby Broom video has me all up in my Chicago nostalgia


There were days in Chicago that made it blindingly obvious how glorious it felt to be alive.  Yes, Chicago is brutal in the summertime.  The heat is bad all on its own, but when it comes in off the lake to batter you with an unrelenting blast of humidity, god damn, it can bleed you of good cheer and drain your will to live.  Or at least stop you from going outside or anywhere there isn’t air conditioning and beer.

But there are days when the electricity of the city and its people just hums right along to the pulse of your heart, and it carries you right along with it, making you feel as one with the City… a strange and euphoric communion.

This Bobby Broom video really got me thinking back to those days.  It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in Chicago, so it doesn’t take much to ignite my nostalgia.  This video did it.

Bobby Broom has got a new album out.  Soul Fingers is mostly renditions of older rock and pop songs.  Normally not my kind of thing, but, hey, this is Bobby Broom.  He’s got a warm sound and a way of approaching a melody that is gonna treat the ears right no matter what tune he’s playing.  This video is one of the album’s tracks.  I really enjoyed his rendition of “Come Together.”

You can scoop it up at Amazon.