This debut album from Andre Rosinha is seriously floating my boat


The combination of vibraphone and accordion together, one element dancing spryly from note to note while the other drifts harmonics across the surface of the song is pretty well intoxicating, and it’s just one of the many winning qualities on the debut recording from André Rosinha.  Two saxophones help give the music of Pórtico some weight, and remind us that no matter how pretty a melody may be, there’s always the potential for it to reveal a cutting edge.  The contemplative “Salto” is too lovely for words, and while it can be argued that the slower pieces on this album are the strongest, a better argument could be made that they wouldn’t resonate quite so strongly were it not for up-tempo pieces like “Marron” and title-track “Pórtico” leading into them as a point of comparison.

The music is so heartfelt that changes in tone instigate an emotional reaction, with those emotions modulating back and forth to the gravitational forces of the particular rhythm in play.  And this effect swings in both directions.  After two slower pieces, the quintet shifts the pace into a higher gear on “Parte 3,” and yet there’s an abiding sense of thoughtful patience, as if the suggestive nature of “Balada por Acaso” was still exerting its influence upon the affair.

But none of this would really have as much meaning were it not for the fact that Rosinha has crafted some delightfully embraceable melodies, and guided his quintet to express them with a friendly demeanor easy to sidle up next to.  Just really enjoyable music, plain and simple.

Your album personnel:  André Rosinha (double bass), Albert Cirera (tenor & soprano saxophones), João Barradas (accordions), Eduardo Cardinho (vibraphone) and Bruno Pedroso (drums).

Released on Robalo Music.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Sintra, Portugal.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon