This is how a post about a Roller Trio video becomes a recommendation for J Frisco


So, earlier today I put together one of my Sunday video posts.  Featured among the videos was something new from the Roller Trio.  It was a live performance video from earlier this year in Leeds, and featured a tune from their new album New Devices (I adore that album).  As I was tracking down an appropriate video to feature, my search results brought back something rather odd and extremely fun.  It’s this… an interpretative dance to an older Roller Trio tune… in a kitchen.

Obviously I was going to feature that thing.

I did a quick google search on the track to confirm I was attributing that song to the correct album.  That’s when I noticed there was another video out there featuring the same girls dancing to Roller Trio.  This time, on stage.  I thought, hey, fun, the band invited the girls to reenact their little dance video at one of their shows.

Well, that led to another google search, because if I feature someone in a post, I’m giving them a shout-out and, hopefully, provide some links to projects of their own.  As it turned out, they do have a project of their own.  The J Frisco in the video title is the name of their trio.

Say hello to J Frisco, a trio of keyboardist Jemma Freese, saxophonist Lara Jones and guitarist Megan Roe.  From what I’ve heard so far, the Leeds-based musicians take an experimental approach to jazz, where ambient minimalism is the unlikely source of chaos and dissonance. Here’s a live performance of the song “Gender,” which is one of the tracks on their new album, Naked, out later this month.

Here’s a link to their Bandcamp page.  The new album isn’t up, and I haven’t yet confirmed even that they’re retailing it there.  However, there are two tracks loaded up, and they do a pretty decent job of showing their range when working in an ambient medium.

Even better is this collaboration with Archipelago at the Lancaster Jazz Festival.  I’m pretty well addicted to this piece.

J Frisco has plenty of other music loaded up to their Soundcloud page.  I recommend checking that out. Their YouTube page, too.

As I learn more about their upcoming album, I’ll pass along what I discover.

It’s posts like this one that keep me doing what I do.