This Is Jazz Today: Logan Strosahl Team, Shai Maestro Trio, Armel Dupas, Painting and Piotr Budniak


BitW square avatarWe’ve got five more recommendations for you as we get caught back up with our This Is Jazz Today columns.  And we still have a lot of catching up to do.  And you, well, you have too much unused space on your computers and phones and CD shelves.  Let’s fill that stuff up.

And, as always, your budget belongs to us.  Now, it’s time to begin the search again for your new favorite album.  We’ve got a nice, diverse array of new music for you today, accentuating the wide horizon line that marks the modern jazz landscape.

Let’s begin…


Logan Strosahl Team – Up We Go (Sunnyside)

Logan Strosahl - "Up We Go"There’s something supremely intoxicating about the way Strosahl’s septet plays these intricately constructed compositions with the joyful exuberance of a Mardi Gras second line.  The mix of complex intelligence and a wide, warm smile connects with both head and heart, and serious tunes can be embraced for either their cerebral facets or just out of sheer fun.  Four of the seven slots are filled by wind instruments, which leads to some harmonic thrills, but even better is the way it manifests within the playful tempos.

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Shai Maestro Trio – Untold Stories (Motema)

Shai Maestro - "Untold Stories"A magnetic personality to this trio set from pianist Maestro, bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Ziv Ravitz.  Draped in gorgeous imagery, songs either chatter engagingly or coo softly and sweet.  Something innately introspective about all of the album’s tunes, even those that bounce about with the liveliest disposition.

Download a free album track, courtesy of the artist (LINK).

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Armel Dupas – Upriver (Jazz Village)

Armel Dupas - "Upriver"Neat solo recording from pianist Dupas, who shows that contemplative music need not be crushed by the weight of its heavy thoughts.  Little bursts of activity via technique, prepared piano and electronic effects keep things interesting and dismantles any risk of this settling into nothing more than dinner music.  The peaceful tones are enhanced by a guest spot with a vocalist and saxophonist on a tune that drips with love song heartbreak.

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Painting – Gravity (Rufftone)

Painting - "Gravity"Interesting duo collaboration between pianist Emanuel Ruffler and drummer Kassa Overall.  They develop a huge electric charge over the course of their conversations, and much of it is attributable to the appealing friction resulting from their contrasting yet complementary approaches to cadence.  The repeated act of taking seemingly incompatible passages and snapping them clean into place has a very strong appeal.

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Piotr Budniak Essential Group – Simple Stories About Hope and Worries (Soliton)

Piotr Budniak - "Simple Stories"Some nice promise displayed on the debut album from drummer Budniak.  His sextet keeps two feet in modern straight-ahead territory, with simple melodies leading to complex development, and rhythmic propulsion fueled typically by methods other than bop or swing.  A personable recording with some strong moments, especially when the melody is rolled out slow.

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Have a great time digging through the list!

And remember, it’s simple:  You like what you like.