Video: Tim Collins Hellgate Strings – “Lake George 1983”


So, for today’s I’m-out-of-town post, I’m showing a video of a live performance of Tim Collins’ Hellgate Strings.

A version of the song “Lake George 1983” appears on his excellent album Fade, which I can’t recommend enough.  It’s on my list to do an overview of Collins’ music, which really deserves more of the spotlight than it has received.

While this music in this video calms me with a sense of serenity and peace nearly unmatched, I can’t help but want to reach through the screen at the people walking past in the background and not stopping to listen.  Hey!  Dummies!  This is great music!  Sit your asses down and enjoy it, for the love of god!

Well, anyways, you can listen to more of Tim’s music on his site.  He has a couple music players on his site.  There’s a mix of full streaming songs and some 30 second samples.

Your video personnel:  Tim Collins (vibes, percussion), Matt Blostein (alto sax), Zach Brock (violin), Ulrike Schmitz (viola), Jody Redhage (cello), and Dan Loomis (bass).