Tiny Reviews: Erik Deutsch, Tore Johansen, & Marc Bernstein

Tiny Reviews, featuring:  Erik Deutsch Demonio Teclado, Tore Johansen Double Rainbow, and Marc Bernstein Good People Music.

Three Tiny Reviews of three very different albums, all with something strong to hear.

Let’s begin…


Erik Deutsch – Demonio Teclado

Interesting new release from keyboardist Erik Deutsch. Very much in the neo-soul jazz family, though Deutsch’s sound has always had a healthy infusion of pop, even as part of the very cool but under-the-radar Colorado country-jazz ensemble County Road X.  On this album, Deutsch lets the electric keyboards sing with plenty of compositions just ready to groove with anyone who’ll listen.  Inclusion of steel guitar is a very nice touch on “Ms. Pelican” and ends the album with resounding proof that Deutsch deserves plenty of attention.

Your album personnel:  Erik Deutsch (keys), Tony Mason (drums), Glenn Taylor (steel guitar), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Jon Gray (trumpet), Ben Rubin, Jeff Hill (bass), and guest: Jens (tambourine; one track).

Plenty to like here for everyone, jazz and non-jazz fans alike.  Those who still put Beck’s Odelay into the stereo on a regular basis might like what’s going on here, as would people who are into Ray Charles electric period.  Just a real fun album that’s easy to bop along to.

Released on the Hammer & String label, which is Deutsch’s thing.  Jazz from the Brooklyn scene.

Available at eMusic.


Tore Johansen – Double Rainbow

Nice release from trumpeter Tore Johansen. Very much in the style of Nordic jazz; atmospheric, relaxed, rainy-day jazz. Nice balance to the production; instruments each have their equal say, much to the benefit of the listener. Drummer Jon Christensen, who has played on some of the ECM label’s seminal modern albums, absolutely shines here; even when his playing gets more pronounced, he never surrenders his innate elegance.

Your album personnel:  Tore Johansen (trumpet), Vigleik Storaas (piano), Jo Skaansar (bass), and Jon Christensen (drums).

Released on the Inner Ear label.  Jazz from the Trondheim, Norway scene.

Available on eMusic.


Marc Bernstein – Good People Music

Intriguing release by multi-reedist Marc Bernstein, and featuring drummer extraordinaire Billy Hart. A quintet rounded out with drums, piano, and bass.  Compositions with an inquisitive nature that gets the musicians in a searching frame of mind.  Cool, evocative music… the kind of jazz that, when played, can make the mundane seem special just by way of it being the soundtrack to that particular moment.  Highly Recommended.

Your album personnel:  Marc Bernstein (saxophones & bass clarinet, Billy Hart (drums), Jacob Anderskov (piano), and Jonas Westergaard (bass).

NOTE:  The above section is what I wrote for my eMusic Jazz Picks article, but over the last month, this album has become increasingly addictive, so I’ll be looking to write a full length review soon, to be pubbed either on AllAboutJazz or Bird is the Worm.

Released on the Blackout Music label.  Jazz from the Denmark scene.

Available at eMusic.


That’s it for today’s article, and the first of two parts of the Tiny Reviews from this batch of new arrivals.

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