Recommended: Tony Cattano Ottetto – “L’uomo Poco Distante”


Tony Cattano Ottetto - "L'uomo Poco Distante"Along with its bold expressiveness, there’s a vague sadness that hovers over the 2014 release of the Tony Cattano Ottetto.  It’s not unlike the celebration of life inherent in a traditional New Orleans funeral march, and it’s why even the rambunctious tracks on L’uomo Poco Distante have an almost mournful tone to them.  Well-crafted melodies are breathed out slowly, and their patient voicing meshes perfectly with the dreamy harmonies that captivate and hold.

Most tracks behave like “Cammino Sognante,” “Settembre” and “Canto d’addio,” which gently sway back and forth, like autumn leaves letting go of their tree and floating to the ground below.  “Repiti” doesn’t stray far from this, but trades in a swaying motion for one that drifts.

A few tracks rear back and howl.  Title-track “L’uomo Poco Distante” works up a small storm, and “Blue Requiem” has its moments where a shout to the skies blasts out from a seeming calm.  “Windows and Works” shows the album has some personality quirks with a display of dissonance before settling into the prevailing somber ease.

The album ends with a bit of an oddball track that bridges the two song types.  “Warm Room” drifts and sways with a potent melancholia, and slowly builds up to a rollicking, yet almost gentle celebratory roar.

It ends a solid recording on just the right note.

Your album personnel:  Tony Cattano (trombone), Carlo Cattano (flutes, soprano sax), Marco Colonna (clarinets), Beppe Scardino (baritone sax, bass clarinet), Pasquale Mirra (vibes), Giacomo Ancillotto (guitar), Roberto Raciti (double bass) and Daniele Paoletti (drums).

Released on Fonterossa Records.

Jazz from Livorno, Italy.

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