Recommended: Tore Brunborg – “Slow Snow”


Tore Brunborg - "Slow Snow"The most arresting quality of Slow Snow is the way in which the quartet of saxophonist Tore Brunborg subtly modulates the cadence as an undercurrent to deeply melodic excursions.  Up-tempo, contemplative, slow & cool strolls… Brunborg’s quartet scrunches those distances down to a matter of inches, and the subtlety of those transitions allows dramatic changes to occur with a remarkable, appealing ease.

The absorbing, introspective “Shelter” and “Lost and Found” with the occasional sun rays that burst through the moody grey skies doesn’t seem at all out place rubbing elbows with the simple groove, the electric crunch, and heartfelt blues of “Tune In.”

“Tree Strong, Tall Swaying, Swinging, Sighing” works an easy groove as a tool for melodic emphasis.  It’s an approach that works with even greater effect on the simmering intensity of “Wherever You Go.”  “Liquefied” dials it down and turns around and dials it right back up again.  Conversely, “History” occupies a small space in which to mesmerize through the use of flowing motion and thoughtful melodicism.

A little overdubbing allows Brunborg to match up his sax and piano expressions on the same composition.  This and the mix of acoustic and electronic elements provides some space & soil duality.  It’s the kind of thing that allows a slow build of anticipation to develop, as well as a slow reveal of new tonal facets with each subsequent listen.

The melodies of Slow Snow will demand the spotlight’s attention, but it beguiles through its motion.

Your album personnel:  Tore Brunborg (tenor sax, piano), Eivind Aarset (guitar, electronics), Steinar Raknes (double bass) and Per Oddvar Johansen (drums, electronics).

Released on ACT Music.

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