Recommended: Various Artists – “Spiritual Jazz 5: The World”


Various Artists - "Spiritual Jazz 5- The World" Jazzman Records just released the fifth volume in their excellent Spiritual Jazz series.  After previous volumes explored obscure spiritual jazz selections from Europe and the United States, the newest volume expands its search for the rare and unheard to the Caribbean, Africa, South America and beyond.  The riff on Pharoah Sanders’ “Hum-Allah” by a Chilean ensemble called Aquila is an exciting find, and the cover of Brubeck/Desmond’s “Take Five” by Oladepo Ogomodede is a real treat, too.  Expect lots of upbeat classic jazz with all kind of heart and soul.  And while previous volumes have been stronger than the newest, I still highly recommend picking them up all up.  Great, fun music.  Little gems of wonderfulness given new life in the present day.

Released on Jazzman Records.

Available at: Bandcamp | eMusic | Amazon CD/MP3/Vinyl

And here’s a LINK to a column that refers to one of the songs on this album.  I talk a bit more about the Spiritual Jazz series as well as some other tangents.


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