Watch the official video from the new Bill Frisell recording that I’ll never get to listen to dammit


Bill Frisell has a new album coming out.  It’s called Strata, and it’s a duet with Skúli Sverrisson, and because Newvelle Records is a vinyl-only production, then that means I and anyone like me who doesn’t own a record player ain’t gonna get to hear it.

A list of all the reasons this totally sucks:

  • Bill Frisell hasn’t exactly been coming strong with the new recordings lately, and based on this video track, Strata is looking like something that would rock my world.
  • I have been enamored with the music of Skúli Sverrisson for a very long time.  When the snow begins to fall, inevitably, his music is going to begin playing in my home.
  • I am looking to reboot my morning listening playlist, and based on this one track, Strata sounds like it might make a perfect fit.
  • There is no bigger Bill Frisell fan than me, so it’s practically a crime to deny me the opportunity to have this music in my home.  A crime!  Do you hear me, Newvelle?!  You’re practically criminals!
  • I sold my record player and vinyl long ago because everyone was making shit on cassettes and then CDs and then downloads, and now Newvelle thinks I’m gonna start buying everything all over again?  What next?  A cassette-only release?  Screw that.

Anyways, here’s the damn video.  It’s beautiful.  It’s so gorgeous, my heart can barely contain all the happiness it makes me feel inside.

Anyways, you can read more about it and, if you own a record player, pre-order the damn thing on the Newvelle Records site.