What you got to look forward to: Jaimeo Brown Transcendence “Work Songs”


February 12th of 2016 is gonna be a good day.

That’s when Jaimeo Brown Transcendence release their sophomore album Work Songs.

Brown’s self-titled debut Transcendence was this site’s 2013 Album of the Year.  A trio at its core with drummer Brown, tenor saxophonist JD Allen and guitarist/electronics guy Chris Sholar, they wove together their live interplay with the recorded voices and sounds of the music of the past, transporting the voices of Gee’s Bend Quilters from the previous century into an environment that fully embraces the technological advances of the present and its associated music approaches.

That same approach seems to be in play with Work Songs, which is being presented as Part 2 of Brown’s vision.  It’s being released by Motema Music. and according to their site, the new album will continue to see Brown deftly meshing the music of past, present and future.  I haven’t seen any word on album personnel other than Sholar.  There were plenty of guests on the debut, so I expect that trend will continue on Work Songs, too.

Here’s the album track “For Mama Lucy.”

You can pre-order this bad boy right now on Bandcamp.

You betcha I’ll be writing more about this album in February.

And, hey, here’s a very short promo video for the album…