Wing Walker Orchestra has this solitary track from an upcoming album, and I’m already impatient for more of this wonderful music


At some point, the Wing Walker Orchestra will be releasing a new album.  Maybe it’ll happen later this year, maybe it won’t go down until early 2019, but if the advance track “Forest Boats” is any kind of barometer of what’s to come, well, then the wait will be worth it.  In the meantime, I am impatient for more.  There are only so many times I can play this track on repeat (no there’s not; I show no sign of stopping even now).

There is something massively appealing about the casual feel to the delivery of this eleven piece ensemble.  The loose flow provides all kinds of breathing room for an array of textures to emerge and shine strong.  And when you add a lovely, embraceable melody to that quality, now you’ve got something bordering on addiction.

Your song personnel:  Drew Williams (bass clarinet), Brad Mulholland (alto sax), Eric Trudel (tenor sax), John Blevins (trumpet), Danny Gouker (trumpet), Karl Lyden (trombone), Nick Grinder (trombone), Jeff McLaughlin (guitar), Marta Sánchez (piano), Adam Hopkins (acoustic bass) and Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums).

Download the track at the ensemble’s Bandcamp page.

It’s also available at Amazon.

And if you buy it from Bandcamp, you should check out the two mix tapes they’ve got posted, which feature music from members of the Wing Walker Music collective.  There’s some live tracks, but then also tracks that come from proper albums… including several that I’ve featured previously, and some which have earned a slot on my various Best Of lists.  Both of those samplers are set to Free Download, so you might consider adding a little extra to your payment for the “Forest Boats” track by way of saying thanks.

And if you want to say thanks to me for previewing this track, then you can repay that debt by emailing the artists and let them know that we are ready for more.