Zubatto Syndicate – “Master of Puppets”


So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s Bird is the Worm wrap-up article, I posted a nifty video of Seattle Jazz outfit Zubatto Syndicate doing a cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”

Well, ensemble leader Andrew Boscardin didn’t much care for the version of the video that I chose.  He preferred this one…


I preferred the option I went with on eMusic’s 17 Dots blog, because, one, the camera was way up close to the musicians and wasn’t all shaky and it just seemed more raw.  It was a Music Video.  As for his reasoning for preferring the above version, he went on and on about sound quality and musicianship and blah blah blah… just like a musician to obsess over stuff like sound and artistry.

Me, all I care about, is this something I would’ve watched on MTV back in the day, between episodes of Beavis & Butthead, while hanging out with friends and eating lots of junk food and beer.

Well, now everyone should be happy.

Boscardin also mentioned in his email that it appears a new release is coming out in 2013.  This is good news, because, one, that’s one more album to look forward to, and two, it gives me a little time to finish up writing some reviews on his earlier albums.

If you feel inclined to shower the comments section with praise for my ultimate wisdom in all-things-music-video-selecting, then I urge you to do so.  We must beat back this growing tide of musicians thinking they know what’s best about their music.  If you happen to be a musician and fear breaking solidarity with your comrades-in-instruments by agreeing publicly with my decision, then you may instead comment on my dashing good looks or artful way with words.  Actually, to be safe, you should note both.

That’s it.  Cheers.